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co-packing with fresh roasted coffee

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At Fresh Roasted Coffee, we roast 80+ different coffees across a fleet of Loring™ Smart Roasters, which has allowed us to cut our carbon emissions by 80% in a smokeless coffee roasting environment. State-of-the-art, eco-friendly roasting paired with an in-house Q-grader ensures fast, accurate, replicable, and extraordinary coffee. Under the same 84,000-sq-ft. roof, Positively Tea sources 80+ distinct teas from all over the world, including white tea, green tea, oolong, black tea, pu-erh, rooibos, herbal tisanes, and yerba mate. From iconic staples like English Breakfast and Assam to unique blends like Banana Bread Chai and Coco Berry Mango, we have a flavor for everyone.


In our 84,000-sq-ft. facility, we have ample room to house your products at all stages of production. From boxes and rollstock to green or roasted coffee and tea, we can keep all your materials on hand and ready whenever you need product. We nitrogen flush every coffee product that leaves our facility, creating a tight seal that keeps your coffee fresh and extends shelf-life. Your customers will come back again and again because your coffee and tea will be unlike any they’ve ever had.

Bagged Coffee

If you decide to go with a classic coffee bag for your packaging, we have relationships with numerous printing partners that would be happy make your designs into real products. We want your products to look exactly the way you want. After being expertly roasted, your coffee will be bagged, nitrogen flushed to maximize shelf-stability, and then sealed tight.

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Roasted coffee being portioned out for packing.

Classic Pods

Diversify your customer base with single-serve coffee and tea pod co-packing. We optimize the grind for the best flavor extraction. We efficiently package your freshly roasted coffee and high-quality tea into pods for Keurig®-compatible machines, including Keurig 2.0 and K-Supreme. Throughout the packing process, each pod is nitrogen flushed, creating a high oxygen and moisture barrier, extending the shelf-life, and preserving freshness and flavor.

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Four coffee pods coming off the machine onto a conveyor belt.

Compostable Pods

These pods are BPI-certified commercially compostable. It’s sustainable convenience. Compostable pods bring you the convenience of a plastic pod with none of the plastic. Made of entirely plant-based materials, and featuring more coffee per pod than competing products, our compostable pods deliver fuller flavor. Each pod is individually sealed in compostable, nitrogen-flushed packs or bulk packed in larger over-bags.

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A strip of compostable pod lidding within the machine.

Frac Packs

Fractional packs (aka frac packs, pillow packs, or portion packs) make full-bodied, delicious coffee with none of the work. Perfect for hotels, offices, restaurants, and more, each frac pack is ground for the best extraction, precisely measured, nitrogen flushed, and freshly sealed.

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A pile of frack packs waiting to be packed for shipment.

Espresso Capsules

Your Nespresso® capsule customers want high-quality coffee that produces rich crema and body at the touch of a button—that’s exactly what Fresh Roasted Coffee offers. Our team will work with you to select coffees for your line that will work best in espresso capsules. Packaged in either color-coded plastic or aluminum capsules.

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A hopper full of ready-to-fill espresso capsules.

Cold Brew Filter Packs

Cold coffee is king nowadays, and cold brew filter packs are the best way to help diversify your product lines, appealing to an entirely new demographic. All our filter packs are glue- and microplastic-free, and contain the perfect amount of optimally ground coffee for some of the best cold brew your customers have ever had.

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A pile of cold brew filter packs hot off the presses.

Coffee Sachet Singles

Ground coffee sachets offer your customers a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee with no special equipment required. Infinitely portable and compact, sachets go where your customers go. Each sachet is individually packaged, and nitrogen flushed to maintain freshness and extend shelf life.

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Sachet machine rollers unspooling fine mesh filters to be filled with coffee and sealed.

Tea Bags

Tea bags give your customers the same full-bodied flavor of loose-leaf with added convenience and portability. Whether you use our tea or supply your own, we will grind for optimal extraction.

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Tea bag machine punching out individually wrapped tea bags.

Bagged Loose-Leaf Tea

We source only the highest-quality, most delicious teas from all over the world. Whether you choose from our teas or supply your own, the possibilities for your business are endless—not to mention affordable.

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Loose-leaf black tea being portioned out for packing.

Co-Packing With Us Means Much More

When you co-pack with us, you don’t just get a superior product roasted, packed, and shipped with the utmost care and quality, you also get a partner you can rely on. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, reliability, flexibility (stuff happens, we get it), and affordability. We want to help you craft a product you can be proud to put your name to.

Tell us more about your manufacturing needs. The FRC Team is happy to help. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

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