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Toddy Consumer

Why Brew With The Toddy Consumer

When you're making cold brew, you're not just making enough for one cup. Stuff this tasty will have you coming back, so you're going to want to batch brew it. That's where the Toddy Consumer comes in. A sized-down version of the Commercial model you see in cafés all over, the Consumer is great for making double-filtered, bold-as-hell cold brew with hardly any work.

Really, you don't even have to measure out the coffee. Just have us coarse-grind your 12 oz. bag, tear it open the moment it arrives, upend it into a Toddy filter, saturate with water, close, and call it exactly one day before you're rushing back with a tall, icy glass. That's it. The Consumer is deceptively simple. That's Toddy's aim. They wanted an all-killer, no-filler brewer that delivers. And it delivers in spades, so let's make a lot of cold brew.


We recommend measuring by weight instead of volume for the most accurate brew ratio.




340g (12 oz. bag)




1900g (½ gallon)


12 - 24 hours

Cold brew concentrate drips into a Toddy Consumer glass carafe.


  • 340g coarse-ground coffee (or one 12oz. bag)
  • 1,900g cold or room temperature water
  • Toddy Consumer (felt filter, filter bags, and rubber stopper included)


  1. Grind 340g coffee coarse, or just select coarse grind when you order a 12 oz. bag and we'll do it for you.
  2. Place the rubber stopper in from the bottom, then the felt filter. Lastly, put the filter bag in and add the ground coffee.
  3. Saturate with 1,900g cold or room temp water, stir to evenly saturate the grounds, twist the bag, and replace the cap. Let brew overnight.
  4. Wake up dreading making a pot of coffee. Realize you have cold brew waiting for you.
  5. This part takes a little finesse. Hold the brewer above the decanter and pull the plug. Set the brewer on the decanter and let it fully draw down.
  6. Serve straight, over ice, or diluted to your heart's content.

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