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Toddy Artisan

Why Brew With The Toddy Artisan

Toddy is synonymous with impeccable cold brew, and the Toddy Artisan more than lives up to its name. Unlike the Toddy Commercial and Consumer models, there's no plastic in the Artisan. Like its older siblings, though, it is deceptively simple. It's giving scientist vibes with its beaker-like spout and shape that gradually tapers to the bottom. It even includes little tongs, a metal filter basket, a silicone lid, and paper filters. The Toddy Artisan comes with everything you need to start cold brewing (except the coffee, but we know a place).

Brew up to 500mL of smooth, complex cold brew that dances on your palate and keeps you coming back. Easy to use and even easier to clean, the Artisan chain-brews like no other—brew, compost the filter and grounds, drink, and repeat. We're making cold brew concentrate, folks.


We recommend measuring by weight instead of volume for the most accurate brew ratio.




50g (7 tbsp)




400g (15 oz.)


12 - 24 hours

A hand pouring cold brew coffee over ice in a clear mug.


  • 50g coffee ground coarse
  • 400g cold or room temperature water
  • Toddy Artisan (and accessories)
  • Patience


  1. Start by weighing out and coarse grinding 50g coffee.
  2. Place an open filter into the brew chamber. Add your coffee.
  3. Evenly saturate with 400g water.
  4. Twist the bag shut, put the lid on, and let it steep at room temperature overnight. See you in the morning.
  5. Click the tongs twice to make sure they work. Remove the lid and carefully lift the filter out, resting it in the filter basket on top of the brewer to fully drain.
  6. Once you've got all the goodness out, pour yourself a glass, dilute as desired, and enjoy.

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