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Stainless-Steel Filter & Pour Over Dripper

Why Brew With The Stainless-Steel Filter & Pour Over Dripper

Imagine: You just finished grinding coffee for a pour over, only to discover you're out of paper filters. Unfortunately, copy paper isn't going to cut it. This filter-dripper combo makes paper filters a thing of the past. Its double-mesh design keeps grounds and excess oils in and lets the good stuff out, providing just enough resistance to help with extraction. Whether you use it to replace a paper filter or as a standalone dripper, this'll get you the most bang for your buck. Great coffee (especially coffee gear) can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be.


We recommend measuring by weight instead of volume for the most accurate brew ratio.




15g (2 rounded tbsp)




250g (9 oz.)


3 mins

Water being poured over coffee grounds in a stainless-steel filter over a glass mug.



  1. Grind 15g coffee to a medium-fine consistency.
  2. Place the Dripper and stand on a cool mug (this also works with a lame mug).
  3. Add your coffee to the filter, level the bed, tare your scale, start the timer, and bloom 30g water for 45 seconds in concentric circles.
  4. Break the crust at 45 seconds, bringing the total water up to 170g. Give the slurry a light stir and let it draw down until 2 minutes.
  5. For our final pour, bring the water up to 250g. Your brew should be done by 3 minutes.
  6. Serve immediately.

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