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Ugandan Robusta - Unroasted Coffee

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Ugandan Robusta

Unroasted Coffee


Unroasted Ugandan Robusta Coffee Beans

Hardier and more caffeinated than its Arabica counterpart, coffea canephora (commonly Robusta) is great for adding a little boost to your blend or achieving the holy grail of espresso crema. We recommend roasts on the darker side to get the best out of this bean. Despite its versatility, Robusta is often considered lackluster when compared to Arabica, having a bitter, overly strong taste at times. But if strong—and we mean strong—coffee is your thing, Robusta might be the best coffee you’ve ever had.

Our unroasted, green coffee selection is intended for roasting purposes. Do not consume unroasted coffee. Green coffee that has been purchased and roasted is not returnable.