2021 Holiday Blend

Roasted Coffee


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Kosher Certified


Let's get cozy. Our 2021 Holiday Blend is a toasty, wonderful blend of Central American and African coffees designed to delight and inspire throughout chilly season ahead. Warm up with sweet and mild notes of apricot blended with perfectly balanced black tea acidity. Pairs well with a crackling fire and your favorite holiday mug. Celebrate with the freshest coffee around for a limited time only!

12 ounce bag of 2021 Holiday Blend coffee surrounded by holiday decorations.

Roast Level

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light dark

Medium roasting introduces Maillard (browned and deep) notes to the cup, such as spice, caramel, and toasted nuts. Medium roasts may feature a little oil on the beans.

Bowl of Holiday Blend coffee beans.

Roast Body

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Mild Body

Often described as tea-like and smooth, mild-bodied coffees tend to be light and bright on the palate.

Cupping Notes

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Black Tea

Artisan Blend

2021 Holiday Blend - Roasted Coffee is a blend of coffees from Central America, Africa.