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Hawaiian Ka'u - Roasted Coffee

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Hawaiian Ka'u

Roasted Coffee


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Direct Trade Certified DirectTrade OU Kosher Certified


Our Direct Trade Ka’u Hawaiian coffee is a stunner with intensely aromatic notes of rose, sweet black cherry and honey. The cup body is mild, well-balanced and silky and finishes with a perky acidity.

Wood Valley Coffee Farm is located in the remote and peaceful Wood Valley that lies on the eastern slopes of Mauna Loa, one of the largest active volcanoes on earth. It is a part of the Ka'u region of the Big Island, with the farm situated at an elevation of 2,300 feet. Deep soil, cloudy afternoons, and 120 inches of rain per year stretch our ripening season into 8-10 months, leaving cherries to mature longer, and leading to a sweeter, aromatic, more balanced cup.

Hawaiian Ka'u - Roasted Coffee

Roast Level

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light dark

Medium roasting introduces Maillard (browned and deep) notes to the cup, such as spice, caramel, and toasted nuts. Medium roasts may feature a little oil on the beans.

Hawaiian Ka'u - Roasted Coffee

Roast Body

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Mild Body

Often described as tea-like and smooth, mild-bodied coffees tend to be light and bright on the palate.

Cupping Notes

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Black Cherry


A coffee’s process describes how the seed (aka the coffee bean) is separated from the coffee cherry. Popular methods include washed, dry, and honey, but there are many other processes that put special emphasis on different aspects of these methods.

The washing process

Washing Process

The drying process

Drying Process

Naturally dried on screen tables, finished in mechanical dryers
The varietal type

Coffee Varietal

Typica, Caturra


Harvest and export times are based off when a particular coffee will be at its peak quality. Cherries picked at the start of the harvest season tend to be underdeveloped, and those picked at the end are often overdeveloped, so producers aim for that sweet spot in the middle.


Oct - Mar


Jan - Dec
Our founder, Andrew Oakes, inspecting coffee cherries with some other farmers.


Aloha, coffee lover! Did you know Hawaii has 137 islands in total? Or that it’s the only US state where coffee is grown commercially? Or that Fresh Roasted Coffee is the best place to get 100% Maui and Kona coffee? Well, you do now! Hawaiian coffee is grown at lower elevations, but don’t let that fool you. Hawaii’s ...

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