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FRC Artisan Blend Variety, 2.25 oz

Coffee Portion Packs


At Fresh Roasted Coffee, we offer a cost effective, convenient option for offices and factories. Our Fractional Packages contain pre-ground coffee with easily disposable wrapping. They are pre-measured to provide the perfect amount of ground coffee to make a single, well-balanced and flavorful pot of coffee.

Whether you crave a deep, dark roast or a bright, light roast or something smooth and tasty in the middle, this box has everything.

This kit contains:

  • FRC Dark Roast Blend, 12 Frac Packs, 2.25 oz/pack
  • FRC Medium Roast Blend, 12 Frac Packs, 2.25 oz/pack
  • FRC Light Roast Blend, 12 Frac Packs, 2.25 oz/pack

This Frac Pack option allows us to give our customers a tastier, less expensive cup. No pricey single-serving machine need be purchased - a basic coffee pot and a filter (included) is all you need to use these exclusive single-serve Frac-Packs. The grounds and filters can be composted, creating less of an environmental impact as well as less of an impact on your wallet.