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Escali® SmartConnect™ Digital Kitchen Scale

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Escali® SmartConnect™ Digital Kitchen Scale

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Escali® SmartConnect™ Digital Scale

So Much More than Just a Kitchen Scale

Send wireless measurements from the SmartConnect™ Kitchen Scale to the Escali SmartConnect app on your Apple or Android mobile device for detailed nutrition analysis, to create a food journal or simply measure in cups and tablespoons. The bright back-light display, tare feature and included kitchen timer ensure this kitchen scale is useful even when it is not paired to the Escali SmartConnect mobile app.

The Escali SmartConnect Mobile App

Wireless weight measurements are sent to the Escali SmartConnect mobile app with Bluetooth® Low Energy technology for enhanced features. Analyze up to 35 nutrients from a database of over 8,000 food items and save those measurements in a private food journal to graph nutrition over time and spot trends before they become problems.

  • Wireless Connectivity - The scale sends measurements through Bluetooth® Low Energy technology to compatible Android and Apple mobile devices
  • Touch Sensitive Controls - The touch sensitive controls create a single, smooth glass surface which is easy to keep clean
  • Tare Feature - Reset the scale to zero weight to measure multiple items or subtract the weight of container
  • Automatic Shut-off - The scale will turn off after five minutes of inactivity to help conserve and extend battery life
  • Kitchen Timer - Count down from a maximum of 99 minutes : 59 seconds
  • Uses three AAA batteries (included)