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Green Unroasted Coffee

Organic Colombian



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Fair Trade Certified Kosher Certified USDA Organic Certified


Our Colombian Sierra Nevada green coffee has quickly become a best seller for its outstanding flavor and body. To get there, we recommend roasting these green coffee beans to a medium to dark roast. Fair Trade and USDA certifications assure this green coffee was grown in a chemical-free environment and purchased at Fair Trade premiums.

Organic Colombian - Green Unroasted Coffee
A green bag of unroasted Organic Colombian coffee.


1300 - 1900 masl

It’s not just about where coffee grows but how high up it grows. Flavors become lighter and more complex the further from sea level a coffee grows, going from earthy to sweet to nutty citrus and chocolate to spiced wine and fruits.


Precipitation, temperature, and humidity have a lot of say in a coffee’s maturation, overall flavor, and quality. Many coffee-producing countries are either primed for growing success or use alternative methods to improve their ecosystem.


1200 mm


17℃ - 29℃




A coffee’s process describes how the seed (aka the coffee bean) is separated from the coffee cherry. Popular methods include washed, dry, and honey, but there are many other processes that put special emphasis on different aspects of these methods.

The washing process


Fully washed
The drying process


The varietal type


Colombia, Castillo, Caturra


Harvest and export times are based off when a particular coffee will be at its peak quality. Cherries picked at the start of the harvest season tend to be underdeveloped, and those picked at the end are often overdeveloped, so producers aim for that sweet spot in the middle.


Mar - June, Sept - Jan


Jan - Dec
A coffee farmer in Colombia hauling a bag.


There’s no doubt that the coffee beans of Colombia are synonymous with the traditional flavor of coffee. Most cafés keep Colombian brewing day and night. Roasters love its versatility, and it blends with other coffees exceptionally well! People tend to think it’s the coffee that tastes most like how one might expect coffee to taste. Colombian beans are used as a base in many blends, and while we use Colombian coffee in many of our own Artisan Blends, we also believe the brew is amazing on its own.

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