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Brown bag of Hawaiian Maui Mokka coffee.
Brown bag of Hawaiian Maui Mokka coffee.
100% Maui Mokka Coffee - Direct Trade
100% Maui Mokka Coffee - Direct Trade
100% Maui Mokka Coffee - Direct Trade
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100% Maui Mokka Coffee - Direct Trade

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    ALL FRESH ROASTED COFFEE IS Kosher Certified, Sustainably Sourced and Proudly Roasted, Blended, and Packaged in the USA


    Our 100% Maui Mokka coffee is a Direct Trade offering with sweet and mellow flavor. At a medium roast, cupping notes of velvety vanilla and juicy peach are prominent with a lightly herbal finish. This coffee is mild overall, but don't let that fool you - there is fantastic tropical flavor packed into these beans!

    The extremely small cherry size makes this single origin extremely rare due to low yields and picking difficulty experienced during cherry harvest. The seed stock of Maui Mokka is actually from an Ethiopian origin, so it shares some of the amazing complexities of African coffee combined with the sweet and mellow flavor of excellent Hawaii grown coffees.

    • Cupping Notes: sweet vanilla, peaches, lightly herbal
    • Roast Body: Mild
    • Roast Level: Medium
    • Certifications: Direct Trade
    • Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
    • Single Origin: Ka'anapali Estate - Lahaina, Maui
    • Altitude: 500 - 600 feet
    • Varietal: Mokka 
    • Process: Natural Process
    • Drying: Mechanically dried
    • Harvest: October - December
    • Export: April 

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