Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic
Roast Body:
Bold Body
Roast Level:
Dark Roast

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    Black Knight is a dangerously dark roast whose bold flavor and full body will never disappoint! Some knights of ancient Arthurian legend are known for being famous heroes of justice and protectors of the innocent. These white knights were of noble birth, usually akin to kings, dukes and counts. However, not all knights were so noble, or so boring. We all know nice guys never rescue the princess. In medieval times, if you really wanted a shot at getting the girl, you needed to be a little dangerous. The black knights were notorious bringers of mayhem, calamity and all around awesomeness - just like this blend. We created this mythically dark combination to commemorate our favorite anti-hero and ladies man, THE BLACK KNIGHT.

    • Cupping Notes: bold, caramelized sugar, plantains
    • Certifications: Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic
    • Roast Body: Bold
    • Roast Level: Dark
    • Artisan Blend: An exclusive blend of our signature single origin coffees

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    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Full body


    Great taste, aroma and full body

    Garland, TX

    Better Blended With Other FRC Coffees


    On its own, this coffee lives up to its name: it's an extremely dark roast. In fact, it is too dark and bitter for drinking on its own everyday. However, it is *very* drinkable when you blend it with another coffee. My favorite is the FRC 2.0 Organic Bali Blue Moon coffee. If you have a large enough mug, make an eight-ounce cup of Bali and then add six ounces of Black Knight Dark Roast. Blam! Chocolaty, rich, smooth, and just the right darkness. Give it an extra star, perhaps two for that blend. If Fresh Roasted Coffee would do that, they would have a winner on their hands.

    Brandon, Fl

    Great Taste, Bold as Promised; Bit of a Bite!

    • Bold
    • Strong
    • No cupping notes to be found!

    This is a "wake the hell up" coffee that packs plenty of taste and good punch. I used the "strong" option on my Keurig K475 and did 12 oz and this is still some potent stuff, with a good taste. It isn't particularly smooth, so some creamer will do it well. Would be nice to see the cupping notes on the box if not also on the pods!