USDA Organic
Roast Body:
Bold Body
Roast Level:
Medium Roast

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    Drago Artisan Blend is a full-bodied, organic, medium roast coffee that is ideal for espresso. This nuanced, powerful cup is exactly what you need for when your day is dragon...

    Cupping Notes: Smooth, Butter Rum, Lemon Zest

    Dust poured across Pompeii like a flood, shrouding the city in a darkness like the black of closed, unlighted rooms. Mummified fingers point to the sky in terror, but from what? Vesuvius' tremendous power can only be attributed to one thing, a legend that Fresh Roasted Coffee has dug from the ashes; just in time. Scientists claim that Mount Vesuvius is due for another eruption, one just as powerful as the deadly blast in 79 A.D. However, the team here at FRC knows all too well that the only thing that can coax an earth-shattering eruption is the awakening of the Drago. The blackening smoke and dragon fire is the inspiration for this terrifyingly powerful, completely organic espresso roast. The awakening is coming; drink up while you can.

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    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
    Brandon, Fl

    Good Coffee; Did Not Notice the Advertised Notes So Much

    • Smooth
    • Fresh
    • Cup notes not on box or pod.

    Tasted like a fresh cup of basic mediu roast coffee. Not a bad thing at all. And frankly, I was wondering what the "lemon zest" would do . My taste buds did not pick it up, or the rum. It was definitely smooth though. Do I recommend it? Sure. But hey, put the cup notes on the box though please, or even the pod, please!