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    Making the perfect pour over is now made easier with the Hario coffee weight scale and timer. The scale measures in 0.1 gram increments which make your coffee more consistent than ever before. Not only that, the scale includes a timer to help you perfect that pour as you use the Hario V60 setup.

    Source: Hario

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    Small Coffee Based Website Provides HUGE Savings, I mean HUUUGE.


    The Japanese are a wonderful people, very steeped in their culture, traditions and timeless artisan crafts. The Hario v60 scale is a fantastic example of that.

    We bought this scale because the American based 'Taylor' Bamboo scale we were using is a POS that can't keep an accurate track of what is put on it. The company and it's products are both POS. We were going to Hulk Smash it, but decided to give it away to someone who wasn't going to use it for measuring coffee. Now it's their problem.

    This scale only calculates in grams, but grams to milliliters is 1, so 1 gram is 1 milliliter, just pretend it says milliliters instead of grams when measuring your water if it bothers you and you'll be fine.

    Every morning we are now able to make fabulous pour over coffee...every...single...time. It's like a dream.

    If you're looking for this particular scale, is THE ONLY place that has it at this price. It's a steal if there ever was one.

    Product arrived fast and in pristine condition.

    So much value to be had here, don't miss out.

    We also wanted to mention that the tea kettle we use is also from Japan and should maybe look into offering it to it's customers due to it's amazing build quality.

    The kettle is from 'Noda Horo' and can be found by searching Google for 'Noda Horo Black Enamel Kettle' It comes in a multitude of colors to match any decor. I've only had one issue, one time, and that's one of the metal pins that hold the handle to the kettle started to dislodge itself and become loose, but was easily rectified with the gentle squeeze from a pair of pliers. The pin has yet to become dislodged again after many months of use.

    Apologies to the Japanese people for Hiroshima.

    United Nations Atomic weapons ban coming up in July 2017. Let your voice against constant war based economies and the slaughter of the innocent be heard.

    Let's move towards a more peaceful, rational existence together.

    Great Coffee Scale For The Money


    For around $40, you simply cannot buy a better coffee scale. This is small and lightweight enough to take out and put away everyday. My only gripe is that it doesn't measure to tenths of a gram after a certain weight and that it doesn't allow you to change the units to ounces. That said, I am still extremely satisfied with this purchase.

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