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Mild Body
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Medium Roast

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    Costa Rican Tarrazu Swiss Water Decaf Coffee

    Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee is grown in the rugged mountains of the "Land of Saints" in Southeastern Costa Rica. The location and altitude to which it is grown (1200 - 1700 meters) lend heavily to the intense flavor.

    Costa Rican coffees are prized for their high notes and their smooth body.

    • Cupping Notes: Honey, Walnut, Rich

    Swiss Water Process - Learn More

    Fine Ground: At a fine grind, coffee should be soft to the touch – slightly finer than granulated sugar.

    Espresso: Great espresso requires skill, patience and quality equipment. Without these things, and a proper grind, espresso can be thin and weak or over extracted and clog in the portafilter. The perfect grind is essential to reaching espresso nirvana; an intensely rich and creamy extraction with thick crema and well rounded flavor.
    Grind: Fine/Very Fine

    Aeropress: The Aeropress is a quick and efficient way to make flavorful, rich coffee with low acidity and bitterness. With specially designed micro-filter technology the Aeropress consistently provides some of the best coffee in just under 20 seconds.
    Grind: Fine/Medium

    Medium Ground: At a medium grind, coffee should be gritty like sand with no considerably large pieces.

    Auto Drip Pot: The Auto Drip style coffee maker is an efficient and hassle-free way to make a fresh pot. With the correct grind and water to coffee ratio, it IS possible to get a great cup of coffee using this method.
    Grind: Medium

    Chemex: The Chemex is an elegant brewing device that extracts only the purest, most flavorful coffee without any bitterness or sediment. Because of the incredible functionality and design, the Chemex, paired with Chemex Bonded Filters, create a pure coffee experience unlike any other.
    Grind: Medium/Coarse

    Coarse Ground: At a coarse grind, coffee is separated into large fragments similar to grained kosher salt.

    French Press: The French Press is a classic and easy way to prepare decadent and smooth coffee and can easily be converted to brew cold coffee. The coffee grounds and water are separated by a fine mesh plunger leaving only fresh brewed coffee after 5 short minutes.
    Grind: Coarse

    Toddy Cold Brew: The Toddy Cold Brew system is a simple and consistent way to extract a delicious and low-acid brew. Oils and fatty acids that would normally settle into hot coffee are eliminated leaving you with a perfectly balanced and smooth cup of iced coffee.
    Grind: Coarse

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Costa Rica Tarrazu


    Simply delicious!


    For sure, this is a decent decaf coffee, but it was extremely darkly-roasted. I didn't get any of the flavor-notes described on the bag, due to the harsh roast-profile.

    Again, it's not bad if you like a "French Roast;" in fact, it reminds me a lot of La Colombe's (non-decaf) Monaco blend. This Costa Rica is pure dark chocolate, roasty.

    I was just hoping for more of the bean's "delicate" flavors. Perhaps it was just this batch.



    I have tried almost all of Fresh Roasted's single origin coffees and they are all amazing. In fact, this is the only place that I can buy my coffee anymore because nobody can match their quality and value. At first I scoffed at decaf coffee until I got tired of my jitters caused by all the great coffee I was drinking. That's when I decided to explore Fresh Roasted's decaf selection. By the way, you will not find a better decaf selection anywhere. Over the last year and a half or so I have ordered their decaf almost exclusively. Over that time I have tried all of their decaf offerings including this new one. I must say that the Costa Rica is my favorite out of their incredible lineup. The best is when you have guests over and they all say that they don't believe it's decaf so you have to show them the bag for proof.