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    Unroasted Colombian Sierra Nevada Coffee Beans - Fair Trade Organic

    Location: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Northern Colombia near the Caribbean coast

    Altitude: 2,952 - 4,265 Feet (900 - 1,300 Meters)

    Varietal: Typica, Colombia varietal and Castillo

    Process: Fully Washed

    Drying: Sun dried

    Harvest: November - February

    Export: December - May

    Our raw coffee bean selection is intended for roasting purposes.

    La Red de Productores Ecologicos de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is was established in 2001. The organization of small-scale organic coffee producers started a process of consolidation and organization of coffee production, trade, and administration in order to move toward more sustainable production and marketing process for coffee. This process which has required significant efforts by farmers and their families in order to adapt from conventional to organic coffee farming.

    Support of the organization has been fundamental for the implementation of conversion plans which include: construction of basic sanitation modules, processors for coffee pulping, building composters, establishing trenches for garbage and recycling, defining production areas, and the simultaneous conservation and protection of flora and fauna. The project to date has 18 groups in which 600 families and 900 farms are involved.

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    First time roasting


    I enjoyed the flavor of this bean at the Full City roast. This coffee has a full wonderful flavor and no bitterness at all.. Very nice.

    6,200 feet in the air

    Cock of The Rock


    I've brewed many a Colombian, but this Sierra Nevada is far and away the best. This is my second or third order and it gives a consistently excellent morning cup. I call it "MORNING BOB". Using a Behmor 1600 at Full City, it provides a wake-me-up that is smooth/low acid and a pleasant taste that doesn't stick around in your mouth for hours.

    Columbian Sierra Nevada (green bean) has become our staple


    We really like this coffee. Living in Kona as we do, we have some pretty good coffee to compare against. We prefer a medium roast so roast these beans just to the point of 2nd crack. The resulting french press brew is full bodied but mellow. The beans are also very clean and uniform in size, which makes roasting simpler. I buy 10lbs at a time, so with free shipping it's hard to beat the price. I recommend this coffee to any home roaster.

    Our roast: Gene Cafe roaster, 10 min @ 390, 9.6 min @ 446, emergency stop, hand cool.