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Our Organic Mexican Chiapas coffee remains a Fresh Roasted Coffee best-seller due to its mild, yet flavorful body with sweet notes of brown sugar, pear and a clean, nutty finish. A medium acidity rounds out this absolutely delicious cup. Our Organic Mexican Chiapas coffee is the perfect selection for anyone just beginning their coffee journey.

  • Cupping Notes: brown sugar, cashew, pear
  • Roast Body: Mild
  • Roast Level: Medium
  • Certifications: USDA Organic
  • Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
  • Single Origin: Tapachula, State of Chiapas, Mexico 

Mild Body Medium Roast USDA Logo

  • Origin: Tapachula, State of Chiapas, Mexico 
  • Altitude: 500 - 845 meters ASL
  • Varietal: Catimor, Bourbon
  • Process: Wet Process
  • Drying: Sun Dried
  • Harvest: January - April  

This Organic Mexican Chiapas coffee is grown near the border of Guatemala so this particular offering shares similarities with the stunning, high grown, mild bodied coffees from the area. Mexican coffee producers often choose to produce organic coffees to receive higher premiums from geographically close US importers. The combination of excellent growing conditions, organic farming practices and proximity to the US makes coffees from Mexico truly spectacular.

*California residents: Click for Proposition 65 warning.