Roast Body:
Bold Body
Roast Level:
Medium-Dark Roast

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    Beware, Coffiend is a ferocious medium roast that will sink its teeth into your taste buds. The blend has a medium body with a smooth finish.

    • Cupping Notes: clean, caramel corn, walnut

    Shape-shifting, furry, fang-toothed beasts have always been a source of fear for many. Here at Fresh Roasted Coffee, not even the most vicious werewolf legend could frighten us away. We've encountered a beast ten times as ferocious. The Coffiend Creature lurks in the coffee plantations of South America in search of the most delicious coffee on the planet. A full moon means nothing to this beast, but a full cup of coffee? That's another story. The Coffiend Creature never stops hunting for a piping hot mug of this mythological blend, noted for its deliciously addictive qualities. Some say that copious cups of this stuff will make you hairier, scarier even...but that's the stuff of legends.

    Fine Ground: At a fine grind, coffee should be soft to the touch – slightly finer than granulated sugar.

    Espresso: Great espresso requires skill, patience and quality equipment. Without these things, and a proper grind, espresso can be thin and weak or over extracted and clog in the portafilter. The perfect grind is essential to reaching espresso nirvana; an intensely rich and creamy extraction with thick crema and well rounded flavor.
    Grind: Fine/Very Fine

    Aeropress: The Aeropress is a quick and efficient way to make flavorful, rich coffee with low acidity and bitterness. With specially designed micro-filter technology the Aeropress consistently provides some of the best coffee in just under 20 seconds.
    Grind: Fine/Medium

    Medium Ground: At a medium grind, coffee should be gritty like sand with no considerably large pieces.

    Auto Drip Pot: The Auto Drip style coffee maker is an efficient and hassle-free way to make a fresh pot. With the correct grind and water to coffee ratio, it IS possible to get a great cup of coffee using this method.
    Grind: Medium

    Chemex: The Chemex is an elegant brewing device that extracts only the purest, most flavorful coffee without any bitterness or sediment. Because of the incredible functionality and design, the Chemex, paired with Chemex Bonded Filters, create a pure coffee experience unlike any other.
    Grind: Medium/Coarse

    Coarse Ground: At a coarse grind, coffee is separated into large fragments similar to grained kosher salt.

    French Press: The French Press is a classic and easy way to prepare decadent and smooth coffee and can easily be converted to brew cold coffee. The coffee grounds and water are separated by a fine mesh plunger leaving only fresh brewed coffee after 5 short minutes.
    Grind: Coarse

    Toddy Cold Brew: The Toddy Cold Brew system is a simple and consistent way to extract a delicious and low-acid brew. Oils and fatty acids that would normally settle into hot coffee are eliminated leaving you with a perfectly balanced and smooth cup of iced coffee.
    Grind: Coarse

    Overall Customer Rating of 12 Reviews:


    Love this coffee

    Massillon OH

    Fiendishly Delicious

    • Awesome pricing as always
    • none

    Bean Purchase- 5lb bag,whole bean.

    Storage Method- Airtight Stainless Steel Container, Silicone seal flip lever clasp. room temperature.

    Grinder- Cuisinart Conical Burr Grinder

    Brew Devices- Cuisinart Drip W/goldtone basket and a French press carafe

    Water- Bottled Spring water

    So I grind my beans as I need them, using number 12 setting for drip unit, I like mine a full body strength so i use a little extra for 14 cups, the coloring is a dark heavy rich color with great oiling floating on top. I don't use paper filters as this captures the bean oils and takes out a major part of the coffee experience IMHO.

    Mouth feel is velvety and full and you can immediately feel the buzz of the alkaloids in this blend. taste is superb and not bitter for a darker roast. A great morning coffee if you like french roast but dont want to press 12 cups thru the FP.

    Highly recommend.


    Exceptional coffee with a great bold taste. Just like we need to have our early morning cup!!

    Charlotte NC

    • great taste

    Just the right combination of roast and body that makes my morning enjoyable. Not too mild and not too strong,



    • Flavor%20
    • None

    Rich flavor and aroma.