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Bodum Ceylon Tea Maker

We’re testing out our new Bodum Ceylon Tea Maker! With a slim design and removable, easy to clean filter basket this infuser system is perfect for making summery iced teas all year long.

bodum ceylon brew step 1 bodum ceylon brew step 2

Step 1: Find just the right tea

We started with our Organic Hula Green Rooibos tea, which is naturally decaffeinated. With bright pineapple flavoring and pineapple bits it’s the perfect refreshing choice for iced tea. We used a few rounded tablespoons to start, everything can be adjusted to taste. Smaller teas may have some particles end up in the brew but can be filtered out later. Blending teas can be the most fun part. We chose Organic White Peony for its mild flavor and low caffeine content. A few more rounded tablespoons (about 10 total with both teas) made this brew the perfect strength.

bodum ceylon brew step 3 bodum ceylon brew step 4

Step 2: Insert filter back into pot, fill, steep

The filter is super easy to remove and simply slides in and out of place to be filled and cleaned. We decided to add some fresh pineapple to our iced tea. You can add ANYTHING to the leaves to steep (herbal sweeteners, rock sugar, fresh fruit).To steep the tea you can use hot or cold water. For a hot water steep, fill the infuser half way until all of the fruit and tea is covered. Then fill the the rest of the pitcher with cold water. If you choose to cold brew the tea, a longer steep may be necessary.

bodum ceylon brew step 5 bodum ceylon brew step 6

Step 3: Enjoy

Make sure to test your brew! The filter can be removed at any time to stop the steep. Experiment and find a strength you are happy with. Blend, steep and sip all year long!

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