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    Jamaica Blue Mountain is grown at high altitudes in mineral rich soul. These conditions, combined with sweet island sun and perfect cloud cover, allow for the "Jablum" cherries to mature for a longer amount of time than other coffee varietals. The signature rich flavor and aroma develop during this precious growing period, making Jamaica Blue Mountain one of the most sought after coffees on Earth.Cupping Notes: Root Beer, Mild Floral, Woody, Sweet

    Dominican Republic - Direct Trade - Organic buy Dominican Republic direct trade, buy Dominican Republic direct trade online, coffee
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      A delicious and mellow cup of true island coffee with sweet well-roundedness and a strong finish.Country: Dominican RepublicRegion: JarabacoaElevation: 1500 m aslElevation: 1400 m above sea levelProcess: Washed, Rotating DryersCupping Notes: Baked Apples, Vanilla, Grape

      Haitian Blue  - Direct Trade - Organic
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        From the high altitudes of the picturesque Nord region of Haiti, this velvety bean captures the tranquility that coffee beans are meant to possess. It is an heirloom to an ancient Ethiopian coffee strain with a rich, sweet taste. Being the same plant varietal and grown in the same soil as Jamaican BlueMountain, Haitian Blue Coffee has a unique silkiness, creating a serene cupping experience.Cupping Notes: Plum, Sweet Tobacco, Cinnamon