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Papa’s Got a Brand-New Bag (of Coffee)

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Papa’s Got a Brand-New Bag (of Coffee)
Christopher C. Aug 26, 2020

So many good things are happening at Fresh Roasted Coffee right now. And we are so thankful that we are able to keep going, even in the midst of everything going on in the world right now. We're still roasting fresh every single day, except Saturdays. Even coffee roasters need a day off. Thank you so much for all your support!

While there are many changes happening behind the scenes, including new machinery, new blends, new merchandise, new employees, etc., there is one big change that many of our customers have already seen. If you haven't seen it, order a bag of coffee. That's the change. The bags. This drastic departure from our old bags has been met with both resounding praise and skeptical confusion, so we're here to help everyone get on the resounding praise team because these bags are, in every way, superior to our old bags.

If the phrase "old bags" has you puzzled like, "I thought your bags were always this cool," let us explain. It all started in 2009 when Andrew Oakes started turning his quest for better, more affordable coffee into a booming business. The bags definitely looked …well, a bit uncool, but then we updated to the coffee-ring-triple-bean-FRC-in-your-face logo. Everything was good, but since we're always trying to make things better, it was time to modernize the brand and the bag.

The brown FRC coffee bag on your kitchen counter or in your cupboard is the product of many many hours of careful design and meticulous attention to functionality. You have a masterpiece before you, friend. The old bags had to be cut open, rolled closed, and secured with a clothespin or a chip clip. There were also lots of different bags which meant a higher cost. By consolidating our design, we spend less, which means you spend less.

These new bags are awesome for the following reasons:

  • They look incredible.
  • They are RESEALABLE. That's right, throw those scissors away! You don't need them anymore!
  • They stand up on their own. Our old bags just kinda fell over.
  • The labels are easier to read.
  • The one-way valve is on the back, so you'll always be able to squeeze out unwanted air.
  • The illustrations on the side are tasteful and would look great as a tattoo sleeve.

If you get them tattooed, send us a pic, and we'll send you a lot of stuff.

But there's still some confusion about how to open the new bags. We get it. The pull strip can be hard to see, and the bag isn't set up like most resealable bags. But then again, Fresh Roasted Coffee isn't like most coffee companies.

Let's not keep you waiting any longer.

Locate the pull strip tab near the top left of the front of the bag. The tab looks like a wind-up toy's key. Pop it out and pull all the way across to the right. The zipper (not actually a metal zipper) functions a lot like a Ziploc® bag, so at least there's some muscle memory there. Pull it apart, pour out your desired amount of freshly roasted coffee, and simply pinch it closed. Easy peasy.

If after hearing all these shining things about our new bags, you still prefer the old ones, we guess you could cut the bag beneath the zipper and just roll it. Be careful not to hit the one-way valve.

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