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Introducing: Roastmaster's Blend

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Introducing: Roastmaster's Blend
Christopher C. Sep 20, 2021

From the roasters of Black Knight, Drago, and, most recently, the FRC Signature Series, comes a brand-new coffee experience. Our newest blend in over a year: Roastmaster's Blend!

A perfect blend of African and South American coffees, this coffee is incredibly sweet and smooth with a mild body. It's the kind of coffee you break out for special occasions—when the in-laws you need to impress come over. But after one sip, you'll want it all to yourself because this coffee is a day-maker. Don't set your alarm clock because the thought of sipping this coffee alongside the sunrise is enough to get you up and going.

Roasted on the lighter side to pay homage to coffee's motherland and preserve the high-altitude flavors of South America, we taste cantaloupe, candy nougat, and wildflower honey.

We've thrown around a few names for this impeccable blend, but none have been able to truly do it justice. We may rename it sometime down the line but until then, we'll give credit where it's due, our roastmaster! We're so excited and we hope you enjoy Roastmaster's Blend as much as we do. And we're definitely in love.

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