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Introducing Hot Cocoa & French Vanilla Pods

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Introducing Hot Cocoa & French Vanilla Pods
Christopher C. Feb 16, 2022

We'll admit it, sometimes we want a little more than just a cup of coffee. Sometimes we want to mark a moment with something a little more indulgent, a little sweeter. Sometimes we want to divert from our usual cup o' joe, if only for just a minute. Don't worry, coffee, you still have our hearts and minds forever.

Introducing Hot Cocoa and French Vanilla Cappuccino pods. Your favorite classic café drinks at the touch of a button.

Hot Cocoa Pods

Our Hot Cocoa pods deliver your favorite comfort drink at the touch of a button. Rich milk chocolate meets creamy marshmallow, a classic combination. Drink it straight or mix with your favorite Fresh Roasted Coffee or Positively Matcha. Sketched out by the idea of matcha hot cocoa? Don't be! We already made it, and it was delicious!

French Vanilla Pods

You can have a café-quality drink without the café. You heard us. Our French Vanilla Cappuccino pods are perfect for the days you want something a little fancier. At the touch of a button, you can take your morning cup from whatever to how did I ever go without this! Treat yourself every once in a while. Smooth, creamy, and rich, you'll wonder why you ever stood in line in the first place.

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