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What Are Fresh Roasted Coffee Pods?

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What Are Fresh Roasted Coffee Pods?
Andrew O. Jul 16, 2018

When you wake up in the morning to start the day, there are already a billion things on your to-do list. Call the salon to reschedule that hair appointment you forgot, clean the shed, drop the kids off at school, finish folding laundry, and the list goes on.

Amongst the chaos of neverending to-do lists, finding new ways to simplify our routines helps create more time to relax and to do the things we love. One unforgettable early-morning task on 83% of America's to-do lists is to drink coffee - three cups on average, to be exact.

All of those drive-thru coffee purchases and time spent brewing fancy carafes of coarse-ground French press coffee ends up costing more time and money than we realize. If you're looking to cut costs and save time, single-serve coffee pods are a great way to simplify your routine. The convenience of brewing a fresh cup of coffee at the touch of a button is a modern luxury to be taken advantage of.

But what exactly are coffee pods and the benefits of switching?

What Are Coffee Pods?

Coffee pods are small cups filled with premeasured coffee grounds and are designed to brew a single cup of coffee or other hot beverage. The classic American coffee break has gained a new friend. According to Statista, figures show that single-serving coffee brewing machines, like Keurig, are the second most popular brewing system after standard drip coffee makers.

29% of Americans already use these innovative devices to brew coffee, and this number is rapidly growing. It is clear to see that coffee pods are prevalent, but what exactly is making single-serve coffee such a high-demand commodity?

Why Are People Switching to Single-Serve Coffee?

The increasing popularity of coffee pods is an interesting phenomenon. The price point per unit of single-serve coffee is $20 more than a unit of traditional roast-and-ground coffee. So why are coffee pods still growing in popularity even with the higher cost? For many consumers, the fresh brew, convenience, and variety of single-serve coffee is a welcomed alternative compared to standard drip brew.

Fresh Brew

Single-serve coffee is a simple and effective way to brew coffee. You just add water to your single-serve brewer, insert the coffee pod, push a button, and boom - within a matter of seconds, you have a fresh, hot cup of coffee calling your name. Each cup of coffee can be brewed in seconds, with the added benefit that every cup is fresh. No cold coffee leftovers are wasted, or even worse - drank.


Not to mention, cleanup is a breeze with a single-serve coffee maker. Dispose of the coffee pod after you brew and insert a new pod for your second, third, or even fourth cup. No coffee grounds, no grinder, no mess, just fresh, hot coffee at the push of a button.

From families that are always on the go to students who need a quick pick-me-up to companies who are dedicated to maximizing collective efficiency, single-serve coffee is a simple, modern convenience that just makes sense.


With coffee pods, coffee variety is more accessible, convenient, and affordable than ever. Instead of having several large bags of coffee going stale and waiting to be brewed, you now have a variety of sealed and fresh coffee pods at your fingertips. Does one of you drink decaf, while the other loves strong, caffeinated coffee? There's no need to compromise with single-serve coffee. Everyone can have an opinion and a cup of coffee that they love.

Not to mention, single-serve coffee also boasts a variety of pods that can be used to make cold brew coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate and so much more, making it the perfect solution for families, individuals, and businesses alike.

Anatorm of a Coffee Pod

The Anatomy of a Coffee Pod

Let's face it, coffee pods are everywhere. But even with all of the hype surrounding single-serve coffee, how many people really know what is inside of their coffee pods? Well, let's peel back the lid and take a look.


Each coffee pod has a tinfoil lid placed over a small cup, typically made of food-safe plastic. The cup is designed to resist light, heat, air, and moisture in order to keep its contents secure and fresh. When companies experimented with other materials for their coffee pods, the most environmentally sustainable and efficient material was proven to be plastic.


Inside the coffee pod, you will find a thin paper filter sealed with a food-safe adhesive. Ground coffee can be located inside of the sealed paper filter. In order to maintain optimal freshness, the fresh-roasted coffee is first allowed to degas (releasing carbon dioxide - a byproduct of coffee roasting), and then pre-measured coffee grounds are placed inside of the paper filter in the pod. Once grinds have been placed inside of the coffee pod, nitrogen is flushed into the pod, pushing out any oxygen, to prevent spoilage.

How Single-Serve Coffee Makers Work

A single-serve coffee maker operates by drawing water from the water reservoir, heating it, and then pumping the hot water into the coffee pod chamber. The small compartment in which the coffee pod is placed contains two hollow needles. The needle that punctures the cup's foil top, fills it with hot water, while the needle that punctures the cup's plastic bottom allows the brewed coffee to pour into your cup. The end result is a clean and fresh cup of coffee that is perfect every single time!

Coffee Pod Technology

There are new upgrades and advancements being made to single-serve coffee brewers every year. Some of the latest trends include automatic milk frothers and LCD screens.

Today, there are many players in the single-serve coffee maker market, including Keurig, Nespresso, Bunn, Mr. Coffee, Hamilton Beach, and more. Each coffee maker is unique in its capabilities and compatibility with prices ranging from $35 up to $199 for a brewer.

Along with coffee makers themselves, certain accessories like reusable mesh filters have been designed to brew fresh-ground, single-serve coffee without the use of disposable pods. There are even storage drawers and carousel dispensers to help organize and optimize your single-serve coffee-making pursuits.

What Makes FRC Coffee Pods Different?

So now that you know why people are switching to single-serve coffee. You might be wondering what makes Fresh Roasted Coffee's coffee pod selection so different? From variety to freshness, our coffee pods are better than anything you can find at the grocery store, and here's why.


All of our coffee pods are made using #5 recyclable plastic and can be recycled with most community recycling programs. The Gimmie 5 Recycling Program, for example, hosts a wide range of drop-off locations across the country and even offers mail-in alternatives for #5 plastics. Just make sure you remove the tinfoil lid and clean out the plastic pod before recycling!

Variety of Coffee Pods

At Fresh Roasted Coffee, we offer over 60 different types of single-origin and artisan blend coffee pods that can be bought in quantities of 18, 36, or 72 pods. We also offer an assortment of variety packs and samplers for those interested in trying an assortment of single-serve coffees.

From Jamaica Blue Mountain to Dark Roast Variety Packs to our Indonesian Coffee Pod Samplers, we have a single-serve coffee to fit your needs and preferences. Having such an extensive variety of coffee pods puts us on the map for selection, setting Fresh Roasted Coffee apart from many of the brands you'll find online or at the grocery store.


USDA Logo Fair Trade USA Logo Swiss Water Process Logo Rainforest Alliance Logo Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center Bird Friendly Logo Direct Trade Certified Logo

Along with being recyclable and boasting a wide variety of single-serve coffees, much of our coffee pod selection includes products that are USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Bird Friendly, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Swiss Water Processed, and Direct Trade. Allowing you to find a single-serve coffee you love, paired with the coffee certifications that matter most to you.

Fresh Coffee Has More Health Benefits

Research has found that fresher coffee has more health benefits. These studies show that the beneficial components of proteins, amino acids, and antioxidants found in coffee have a shelf life. So the older your coffee is, the less benefits you are likely to reap.

Unlike many other brands out there, at FRC, we roast your coffee pods per order to guarantee freshness. After our freshly roasted coffee is finished degassing, we fill our pods, package, and send them out the door. Don't settle for month-old single-serve coffee that's been sitting on a shelf. Reap the benefits of drinking fresh coffee. It's not only healthier for you, but you can taste the difference.

The roast date for all of our coffee pods is located on a small, white sticker on the bottom of our boxes. The dates are labeled using the Julian Calendar, so you can easily determine the exact day your coffee was roasted before being shipped to you.


All of our FRC coffee pods are designed to work with most single-serve coffee brewers including the Keurig 2.0. "Keurig"® and "K-Cup"® are registered trademarks of Keurig Incorporated. Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC. is neither affiliated with, nor approved by, Keurig Incorporated.


Our goal at Fresh Roasted Coffee is to make single-serve coffee pods fresh and affordable for everyone. Our coffee pods cost as little as $0.40 per pod, but range in price according to the selection, quantity, and certification.


With minimal cleanup, variety, and convenience single-serve coffee pod makers have taken the world by storm. Coffee pods are perfect for individuals, families, and businesses that want to simplify their coffee routine.

At Fresh Roasted Coffee, our coffee pods are affordable, recyclable, fresh, boast several of the leading industry coffee certifications, compatible with most single-serve brewers, and come in a huge selection perfect for meeting the taste preferences of any coffee lover. Shop our variety of 60+ single-serve coffee pods to obtain a delicious cup of coffee the easiest way every day!


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