Double Coffee Ganache Cheesecake Recipe

Christopher C.

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Updated December 22, 2021

Decadent, rich, and roasty just like your favorite cup of Fresh Roasted Coffee, this Double Coffee Ganache Cheesecake is good enough to take top billing on your dessert menu this year. Take that brick of fruit cake and birthday cake and just yeet them out the window. This cheesecake is impeccably creamy, mildly chewy, and will 100% make you the proud parent of a food baby. Congrats!

FRC diehard fan, affiliate, and baker Court Cizek whipped up this dish for everyone at FRC to try. If you love cheesecake or are looking to try your hand at cheesecake, this recipe is a fantastic start for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s not just plain ol’ cheesecake.
  2. There’s coffee in the ganache and in the cheesecake!

If you haven’t been feeling very festive this year, this recipe may just turn your folly into jolly. (Wow, sorry we said that.)

This Double Coffee Ganache Cheesecake is a creamy winter wonderland with a tinge of coffee, just enough to balance out the sourness. The chocolate cream cookie crust complements the whole thing, and serves as a pleasant break from all the cream cheese. If you’re thinking, “hey, you barely added any coffee,” we get it. Shouldn’t a coffee roaster douse every dessert it makes in coffee? LOL. No. These seemingly small 4 tbsps. add just enough coffee flavor to taste but not too much that you lose that classic cheesecake flavor.

If you make this crazy-rich cheesecake, let us know! Tag us on social media! The best photo will win a free 12 oz. bag of Organic Colombian!

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