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Asobu Spotlight

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An Asobu Ultimate Mug on a stack of serving blocks with coffee pouring in, surrounded by autumn leaves.
Christopher C. Oct 12, 2021

The worst part about your daily cup of coffee is having to leave it behind. Maybe your World's Greatest Grandma mug doesn't have a lid or your car's cupholders aren't large enough to safely transport an entire coffee carafe. No judgements if you do drink straight from the pot. You go, Glen Coco. But you shouldn't have to leave your cup of joe at home. It's scientifically proven that you miss 100% of the coffees you don't finish—that's where Asobu comes in.

Asobu's vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel products let you take your brew wherever you go. The Ultimate Mug can take a subway car jostle and a slow, careful walk to your home office. The Infinite Mug's cork bottom is as stylish and functional here as it is there—and it won't leave any water rings. The Orb Thermos slips into your bike's bottle cage, those small pockets on the sides of your backpack, or even in your back pocket. Probably! Let us know how it goes.

But Asobu's glory doesn't stop at transporting single cups. They know (and we know—that's why we carry Asobu) that you're a coffeeholic and one cup's just not gonna cut it. You're like our web developer Robert, you drink coffee like water—and we've never seen him drink water. The Mighty Jug holds a whopping 68 oz. of liquid energy that'll stay hot for 12 hours or cold for 24. You could be drinking 8 ½ 8 oz. cups of the same coffee all day long. The days of scrounging for mystery beans and instant packets just to be left disappointed are over.

Asobu didn't stop there, though. They made the Pour Over Kit and Cold Brew Maker, both of which are all-in-one coffee powerhouses. Not only are they waste-free, favoring fine-mesh filters over paper, you can cap and carry around your coffee. Both brewers decant your freshly brewed coffee straight into their vacuum-insulated carafes. Simply unscrew the neck and filter, screw on the included airtight cap, and go.

Most recently, we made Indian Monsoon Malabar Water Decaf in the Cold Brew Maker, and it was still as tasty days later as it was when we first pressed the drain button. Full flavored with just enough oil to balance out the coffee's creamy notes. We put the Pour Over Kit up against a traditional Chemex with a paper filter combo and came out with comparatively similar results. Asobu's stainless-steel filters are double-walled, helping restrict more coffee oils (though not all) than your typical stainless-steel filter.

At Fresh Roasted Coffee, we're all about Doing Coffee a World of Good. That means bringing you an exceptional product that's not only easy on your wallet but easy on the earth.

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    Great product line up! What grind would you use in the Cold Brew Maker? Medium/Drip Grind?

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    Team FRC

    We’ve found that the sweet spot for the Asobu Cold Brew Maker is 2.75 to 3 ounces of coarse ground coffee, three cups of cold, fresh water, and 24 hours. And we have yet to make a cold brew we don’t love!

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    Barbara Yeo

    where is this mug made?

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    Team FRC

    Asobu mugs are manufactured in China and printed in Canada.

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