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Cold Coffee, The Experience, and SCA's Newest Tool

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A bag of cold brew coffee, Hario Cold Brew Bottle, and a glass of cold brew.
Christopher C. Jul 03, 2023
  • How are cold coffee beverages changing?

    By Zoe Stanley-Foreman for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Ten or so years ago, the only cold beverages available on café menus were limited to a number of iced drinks. Fast forward to today and specialty coffee shops around the world now offer a broad range of high-quality cold coffee drinks. These vary from cold brew to nitro to drinks made using coffee concentrate. Moreover, the diversity of cold coffee beverages is only growing. By 2027, the value of the global cold coffee market is expected to increase by 22% every year to around $1.4 billion.”

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  • Study: The Experience of Drinking Coffee is What Fully Jumpstarts the Brain

    By Daily Coffee News

    “Hypothesizing that the ‘essential morning coffee’ enjoyed by billions of people worldwide may be a placebo, the researchers conducted MRIs on coffee-drinking subjects to test functional brain activity. The Portugal-based research team asked subjects to abstain from coffee or caffeine consumption prior to the MRIs. One group of participants was given caffeine in simple chemical form while the other group was given a caffeinated cup of coffee, similar to what drinkers might actually experience on a daily basis. Then participants were asked to relax and let their minds wander as they underwent MRI scans.”

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  • Coffee Value Assessment: Exploring The SCA’s New Tool For Coffee Evaluation

    By Jenn Chenn for Sprudge

    “Now here in 2023, the SCA has rolled out its first significant update to this form in more than two decades. It is a massive, ambitious undertaking known as the Coffee Value Assessment (CVA), and today it is in a beta testing phase, announced at the 2023 SCA Expo in Portland, Oregon last spring. While the project is only getting started, its goal at the onset has deep meaning for the future of how coffee is bought, sold, and produced around the world, offering a more holistic approach to coffee scoring along the way.”

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