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Islands of the Americas

A coffee farmer in the Dominican Republic inspecting cherries on drying beds.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic was made for coffee production, with its abundant rainfall and mountainous terrain. Interestingly, the heat from ocean currents and trade winds extends the coffee’s growing season, meaning both that coffee can be harvested n...

A coffee farmer spreading beans out on a drying patio in Haiti.


Haiti’s mountainous geography is perfect for coffee growing, since sweeter, lighter coffees grow best at high altitudes. Additionally, native trees provide plentiful shade, and the Haitian climate keeps the temperature nice and humid. This all tra...



Coffee from the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica is lauded for its unparalleled balance of flavor, mild body, and smooth, floral notes. It’s one of the most sought-after coffees on the planet. Fresh Roasted Coffee proudly purchases our unroasted Ja...

Our founder, Andrew Oakes, inspecting coffee cherries with some other farmers.


Aloha, coffee lover! Did you know Hawaii has 137 islands in total? Or that it’s the only US state where coffee is grown commercially? Or that Fresh Roasted Coffee is the best place to get 100% Maui and Kona coffee? Well, you do now! Hawaiian coffe...