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Monsooning with Control

Using condition-controlled warehouses, the famous flavors adored by Europeans can be replicated again and again. This is done by exposing the beans to constant humidity during monsoon season, so the beans undergo the same characteristic changes. Monsoon Malabar tends to be low in acidity and sweetness with high body and a rich mouthfeel.


Our Indian Monsoon Malabar’s high quality is thanks to several long-standing (some as long as 100 years) family farms and the region’s geographical makeup. Madikeri is surrounded by mountains, making it ideal for growing coffee, the elevation of which ranges from 1,220 – 1,524 masl. At these elevations, coffee develops citrus, vanilla, cocoa-dusted nutty flavors, with possible notes of spiced wine.


Drying coffee on cement patios in the sun takes about 6 - 7 days until it’s ready. The beans are spread out thin in layers in rows and shifted every 30 - 40 minutes.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Indian Monsoon Malabar is an example of a coffee that’s processing method is more significant than its origin. This a unique coffee with unmatched smoothness and a mellow flavor and mouthfeel. Notes of baker's chocolate come through predominantly and finish with mild, creamy flavor.

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