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Marlena S.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Updated May 03, 2022

The first step on your coffee journey is discovery.

Coffee can be sweet, bright, citrusy, chocolatey, nutty, spicy, and so much more! What flavors do you enjoy most? For newcomers to the coffee world, it’s often easiest to start by region.

Coffee producers in Haiti washing and spreading out coffee beans to dry in the sun.

We’ll start closest to home in the Islands of the Americas.

The Caribbean and Hawaii are responsible for some of the most exquisite coffees ever. Rarity sets these coffees apart. Caribbean coffees grow at high altitudes, making their maturation slower. Hawaiian coffee grows much lower, but the volcanic soil and handpick-only harvest translate to higher quality.

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A coffee producer in Central America standing near coffee beans drying in the sun.

Central America.

These coffees grow at high altitudes in rich, volcanic soil, which improves their minerality and comparative taste. These coffees develop sought-after flavors like chocolate-covered citrus, honey, and spiced nuts. The majority of Central American coffees are fully washed, as is the case with most specialty coffees.

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A coffee producer in South America inspecting a bough of ripe coffee cherries.

South America.

South America is responsible for 75% of the world’s coffee supply, 3.5 million metric tons of which is produced in Brazil alone. Exceptionally high altitudes lend to the coffees’ fruit, nut, and cocoa notes. Consistent rainfall, high daytime temperatures, and dry winters make South America ideal for coffee growing.

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Coffee producers in Africa smiling at a processing mill.

Our next region is Africa!

The continent of Africa is believed to be the birthplace of coffee. We offer a mix of single-origin selections from Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and you’ll love the snappy acidity and vivid, complex flavors. Depending on which region you choose, you’ll taste bright fruits, spices, and wine in addition to floral notes and chocolate.

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A coffee producer in Indonesia stooping to pick coffee cherries.

The last region is the Indo-Pacific.

Coffees from the Indo-Pacific region are lauded for their rich and earthy flavor notes. Our options from Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, Timor, Bali, Flores, and India all have remarkably dense and chocolate forward bodies. The ample volcanic soil helps to produce coffees that are naturally low in acid, so these are excellent options for customers looking for full flavor with mild acidity.

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Stack of Artisan blend coffee pods

Not ready to jump right into single-origin selections?

We suggest one of our remarkable artisan blends. These handcrafted blends combine some of the best features of varietals from all over the world roasted to perfection in our smokeless roasters. Whether you enjoy a hearty, bold dark coffee or a light, smooth, easy sipping brew, Fresh Roasted Coffee has exactly what you’re looking for.

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