Take Care: How to Care for Your Coffee

Marlena S.

Monday, July 06, 2020

Updated March 03, 2023

Coffee has four age-old enemies; heat, light, air, and moisture. The way coffee is stored is essential to keeping it fresh and ready to enjoy. Storing coffee in conditions that expose it to these elements will cause the coffee to rapidly lose its flavor and freshness.

We suggest our new Airscape Coffee Bean Storage Container. It might surprise you to know that most "airtight" containers aren’t actually airtight. Although they keep additional air from reaching your beans, they don’t expunge the existing air from the container, which means that your coffee will still stale, only at a slower rate. Regardless, no one wants stale coffee. If you like stale coffee, kindly reconsider. We think you’ll like fresh coffee even more.

Our FRC-emblazoned Airscape canister features the patented Airscape lid, which actively forces air out of the can. You’ll even hear a cool swoosh sound when you press down on and lock the lid. All this translates to fresh coffee that stays fresh longer. The Airscape container is made of culinary-grade stainless steel and is resistant to odor retention and nasty coffee stains. This is the premier coffee storage solution.

Contrary to popular belief, coffee should not be stored in the freezer, as it leads to moisture extracting the natural flavor from the coffee. Coffee beans are porous and will also absorb unwanted flavors from your freezer. Tilapia- or pizza-flavored coffee? No thanks.

Putting coffee on display exposed to direct or indirect light will put its freshness at risk. Instead, place coffee in a dark cabinet, away from light. Coffee beans look great, don't get us wrong, but beans left in the light won't taste so great.

Whole-bean coffee will normally stay fresh for a longer period of time compared to ground coffee. If you intend to store coffee in bulk, always store whole-bean coffee and grind the amount you will use, when you intend to use it.

Ground coffee is best used within two weeks of purchase, while whole bean coffee can stay fresh for up to a month. For optimum freshness, we suggest drinking Fresh Roasted Coffee within these time parameters. 

If you intend to purchase coffee in bulk, the best way to store bulk quantities of coffee is to separate a large quantity into smaller, appropriate containers, like our 1 or 2 lb. Airscape Coffee Bean Storage Containers. Keeping the smaller batch of coffee you intend to use first away from the rest of your bulk coffee helps to ensure the entire quantity is not constantly being exposed to air, light, heat, and moisture.


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    Do you have anything I can use in my Nesspresso venturo?

  • MH
    Michael Hosking

    Would you comment on storing coffee in the refrigerator. Thanks.

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    Team FRC

    Regarding coffee and your fridge, we don’t recommend it and here’s why. Coffee beans are like little sponges. They’re frighteningly good at absorbing moisture and odor and your refrigerator is a moist environment that’s full of different smells - even if you have a box of baking soda in there. Which means coffee stored in the fridge can-and-will taste off more quickly than it would otherwise. If you’re wondering, we don’t really recommend the freezer either. It’s often very dry and also could have some smells that you might not like as a part of your whole coffee experience.

    Cool (not cold), dry, and dark is what we recommend. The cabinet is fine but maybe not the one above the stove or right by a window that gets full sun during the day. Even more important is an airtight container. Oxygen is what makes coffee go stale and the more oxygen you can keep from your beans, the longer your beans will taste good.It’s why we nitrogen flush every bag and pod!

  • W

    50 lb sack of coffee, how is it handled, roasted and shipped, put in 10 sealed 5 lb bags and shipped, or place in 1lb bags and shipped? I realize coffee choice is mine but what roasting other characteristics? What payment plan must I use? Price wise wholesale or retail?

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    Team FRC

    For roasted coffee, our 30 lb option comes pre-packaged in convenient 5 lb bags. If you’re interested in green coffee, our largest option is a 25 lb GrainPro® bag. If you’re interested in our wholesale program, please visit https://www.freshroastedcoffee.com/pages/wholesale.

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    We like to save money, save the environment, and get the best tasting coffee possible. How do you suggest envipods be stored when purchased in bulk, (48 pods)?

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    Team FRC

    Whether you’re buying coffee beans or envipods, oxygen is what will make your coffee go stale so you’ll want to restrict airflow as much as possible. Our 48 count envipods are shipped in 12 count bags, and each bag is individually sealed. We’d recommend leaving them sealed until you’re ready to use them. Once the bag is open, rolling the top and using the tin-tie will work if you plan on using your coffee pods within a week or so. For longer-term storage, consider transferring to a zippered bag or airtight canister. And just like your coffee beans, keep them out of direct sunlight and in a cool (not cold!) place. Your cupboard is fine as long as it’s not over a stove or otherwise subject to excessive heat.

  • KB
    Kristi B.

    How do you recommend storing large quantities (such as 25Lbs) of unroasted GREEN coffee beans?

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    Team FRC

    Green coffee is porous so make sure that you’re storing your coffee away from liquids, moisture or anything that might have an odor such as household chemicals or other food products. It’s also affected by heat and light, so store your beans in a cool, dry location. Pests such as mice usually don’t care for green coffee (keep in mind, though, a hungry mouse will eat just about anything!) but some insects love it so be sure it’s in a closed container. The GrainPro bags that our 25 lb green selections are shipped in are ideal for storing larger quantities.

  • AB
    Allen Bock

    In this article it states Ground “whole bean coffee can stay fresh for up to a month. For optimum freshness, we suggest drinking Fresh Roasted Coffee within these time parameters.” Yet your 5 lbs bags that you ship the coffee in has a 1 year fresh date, What’s the deal here?

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    Team FRC

    Great question! Coffee begins changing as soon as it leaves the roaster. It begins releasing CO2 and other gasses. After 24 hours or so, the coffee de-gasses to the extent that it loses most of the initial and unappetizing flavors, but it’s really best after resting for a few days. From there the taste plateaus from optimal, gradually losing flavor as the coffee is exposed to oxygen. Fresh Roasted Coffee bags and pods are all nitrogen flushed to keep your coffee as fresh as possible for as long as possible but eventually, air gets in which is why we say it’s still FRESH for about a month. We do include an expiration on the bag not because the coffee goes bad or is undrinkable, but because after that long, your coffee will doubtless be stale and, well, just not as delicious as it should be.

    Grinding your coffee exposes the inside of the roasted beans to oxygen and increases rate at which your coffee will become stale which is why we recommend grinding only as much as you need.

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