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In La Concordia, Oro Verde (“Green Gold”) flourishes. Located in South Mexico near the coffee-growing meccas of Oaxaca and Veracruz, on the Guatemalan border, Chiapas is at the epicenter of excellent coffee growing conditions. La Concordia lots enjoy diverse ecology, rich soil, towering altitudes, prime seasonal weather, artisanal farming techniques, and a dedicated community of producers. The coffee is an eclectic mix of Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Costa Rica, Mundo Novo, Typica, Oro Azteca, and Marsellesa varieties.

These factors make our Organic Mexican Chiapas a standout single-origin coffee. We taste brown sugar, cashew, and pear.


Not only are La Concordia’s people devoted to growing top-quality coffee, but they’re also careful stewards of the environment. The coffee is shade-grown, which creates a naturally pest-repellent ecosystem. The presence of endemic species, such as jaguar and quetzal, make conservation crucial. Organic certification holds La Concordia to high operational standards, forbidding the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

Washing and Drying

Ripe cherries are picked, depulped, and fermented for 12 – 17 hours. After, they’re washed and sun-dried on farmers’ yards or zarandas. Washed coffee is all about the seed, not the cherry. Most specialty coffees are washed because this process gives the most true-to-origin experience, as the mucilage can impart syrupy flavors if left intact during processing. Sun-dried coffee is spread out thin in layers in rows and shifted every 30 - 40 minutes to promote even drying.

Tested for Mold and Mycotoxins

Our Organic Mexican Chiapas has undergone a full screening for mold and mycotoxins and has been declared toxicologically safe and compliant. Our certified laboratory was unable to detect any trace levels of mold, aflatoxin, or ochratoxin.

Organic Certified

The benefits of organic certification for the producers and the roasters are huge. Certification gives you access to markets you wouldn’t have otherwise, premium pricing, eligibility for grants and financial assistance, and the ability to purchase organic products and market them as such, among many other things.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Highlights Flavor

Coffees grown in Mexico are on the sweeter side, sporting notes of citrus, vanilla, berries, and caramel, flavors imparted thanks in part to their higher growing elevation. Our Organic Mexican is medium roasted to showcase its origin notes of pear and nuts and we balance it by adding a little depth with brown sugar notes. Fresh Roasted Coffee also roasts a Dark Mexican which intensifies the caramel flavors and adds a smoky, chocolatey finish.


  • CB
    Connie E Buckley

    Great website. I have used this brand of coffee, specifically Organic Mexican, for many years, but I have ordered from the big online marketplace beginning with an “A.” I want to switch over to order directly. It is for my Bed and Breakfast Inn. Our guests love it! But I have to order in 5# bags, 4-5 at a time, not the 12oz. I am very grateful that it is tested and is mycotoxin free!

  • DS
    Dorian Schneidman

    It looks to me like you have done a lot of work on your website (or else I somehow missed all the information I just came across this evening). In any case, I’m glad to see that you are flourishing and to know better who I am buying my coffee from. You’ve grown without becoming “corporate”. That’s great! Best wishes, Dorian

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