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A Beautiful Mutation

In this region grows bright, floral coffees with notes of juicy, tropical fruit, but what’s most interesting is the bean itself: the peaberry. This particular mutation is a rarity that breeds coffee cherries with only one bean inside instead of the usual two—only 5% - 10% of any given yield could be peaberries. The Mbeya region is responsible for producing the largest amount of Tanzanian Peaberry coffee in Tanzania.

According to the Tanzania Coffee Board, approximately 450,000 families grow coffee—10% of Tanzania’s coffee production come from estates. Coffee in the Mbeya Region typically grows alongside bananas and accounts for 70% of the country’s total exports. The banana trees’ large leaves provide shade for the coffee plants, which is essential on particularly sunny days.

How We Do Tanzanian Coffee

It’s believed that, because there’s only one seed per cherry, peaberries absorb all the nutrients available. It sounds greedy, but it makes for a tasty cup. That is, if they’re roasted correctly. At Fresh Roasted Coffee, we do Tanzania justice with a perfectly crafted light roast. This keeps the origin notes of lemon, peach, and black tea intact, exactly the way this coffee should be enjoyed. Wonderfully smooth and full-bodied, this coffee boasts distinct aromatics, defining fruity flavor, medium acidity, and a lively finish. The taste is as awesome as the bean.


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