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Coffee can be complicated. Every roaster and café has their own way of grading coffee by roast and flavor. To simplify your order, and to leave few questions unanswerable, we’ve devised a new system for grading our coffee. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to choose the best coffee for your palate.

Roast: The roast meter just wasn’t cutting it anymore. On all recently updated FRC coffee bags, you will find one of four roast options:

Light Roast: This type of roast is light brown in color and preferred for more mild-bodied coffees. These beans should not have any oil on the surface.

(If you prefer light, fragrant, floral or fruity flavors, you will enjoy a light roast.)

Medium Roast: This type of roast is medium brown in color with a non-oily surface. Traditionally, this is the most preferred type of roast for Americans.

(If you prefer a flavorful but traditional cup of coffee, you will enjoy a medium roast.)

Medium-Dark Roast: This type of roast is dark brown in color and presents with an oily surface.

(If you prefer more bittersweet, deep flavors, you will enjoy a medium-dark roast.)

Dark Roast: This type of roast contains nearly black and oily beans.

(If you prefer a heavy mouth feel with extremely strong flavor, you will enjoy a dark roast.)

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