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Polly PartonConscious growing and harvesting efforts are becoming a major component to the coffee buying experience. Coffee drinkers want to know exactly where the beans in their lattes took root; were farmers reimbursed? Was the coffee grown ecologically? While these are all valid questions, a new question has surfaced - and it’s for the birds.

Ethiopian Shade Grown Coffee has recently been deemed the world’s most bird friendly. Due to the traditional coffee farming methods in Ethiopia, these shady coffee plantations provide home to more forest dwelling bird species than any other coffee farm on earth, happily chirping and reproducing in these lush, well kept areas. Young coffee plants are shaded and protected on the forest floor under large native trees. Several important species of birds were found dwelling in the coffee farms but not in a nearby forest, leading scientists to believe that the birds felt more at home in the open concept space. The layout of these coffee farms more closely mimics the bird’s natural habitat. If you want to help protect the biodiversity in coffee growing regions look for coffee products that are certified by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and the Rainforest Alliance. Both of these important programs help farmers to continue to farm in ways that protect wildlife and conservation efforts.

Pictured: Blogger Marlena's Pineapple Conure, Miss Polly Parton.

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