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Maui BeachWhile shopping for coffee it's easy to become distracted by exotic names and bright, eye-catching labels. Coffee consumers (I'm guilty of this also) tend to gravitate and be triggered by words like "Kona", "Maui" and "Island Coffee" - which we, more often than not, associate with a higher quality. If you think you're getting a rare bag of beans, you're going to be willing to pay quite a bit more for a mini morning vacation in a cup. Unfortunately, many coffee companies take advantage of these words and taglines and attach them to products that are less than worthy and usually 10% or less of true Hawaii grown coffee. Now the big island is fighting back. Lawmakers are pushing for new regulations which would require coffee companies who intend to use island names to have more than half of their blends be comprised of true Hawaii grown coffee. Some proponents for these laws are pushing for blends with up to 80% true Hawaiian coffee. These faker blends threaten the integrity of Kona and other island based coffee growers. If you are purchasing these kinds of coffees, always be sure to check the percentages. 100% MEANS 100% - it is illegal to use this percentage if the coffee is a blend. "Kona blend" or "Hawaiian Blend" probably means a handful of beans are actually from the area. If you want a true, un-diluted version of some of the most rare and delectable coffees on earth, make sure to read labels carefully and support island growers!

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