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Here’s what you’ll need:

· A French Press. I will always recommend Bodum, I got mine from a department store for under 20 dollars and it’s been one of my most prized possessions ever since. People drop some serious change on iced coffee brewers, and although they are faster, they aren’t the only coffee maker for the job.

Step 1: Grind your super fresh, Fresh Roasted Coffee beans to a medium grind. We recommend using about double the amount of ground coffee you’d use to make hot coffee. Place the ground coffee in the bottom of the press.

Step 2: Fill the press with cool, filtered or tap water to make the desired amount of cold brewed coffee. Use a plastic or wooden utensil (glass can crack the French Press) to incorporate the coffee and water.

Step 3: Cover the press with the plunger lid, but do not plunge at this point. Leave the covered press on the countertop overnight.

Step 4: In the morning (or whenever you’re ready to enjoy) plunge the coffee remove the ground coffee from your cold brew.

Step 5: Pour over ice and flavor as needed. Cold brewed coffee should inherently have less acidity. This delicious beverage is easy, inexpensive and perfect for those warm sunny days we’ve all been looking forward to.

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