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Caring for a coffee plant in your home may be easier than you thought. This hardy and accomodating plant is an excellent option for beginners and advanced gardeners alike.

Mature plants retail for around $40 and are an excellent addition to any home. Your coffee plant will prefer indirect light, so placing your coffee plant by a window but not directly in a sill is ideal.

Coffee plants will not thrive in cold temperatures (60 degrees or lower, on average) and cannot survive a freeze, so keeping your coffee plant away from drafty winter air is essential.

This plant prefers moist, but not very saturated soil and does well with planters with good drainage. High humidity will also help your coffee plant to thrive, so a water filled pebble tray to rest your plant on will be helpful.

A well cared for coffee plant has the potential to grow up to 6 feet tall, so make sure you have enough room (with enough light) to accommodate it.

If you choose to prune your coffee plant, it is best to do so in the early spring. Spring and summer months also call for light rounds of fertilization with a well balanced fertilizer, this should be done once every two to three months in the warm weather season.

Your coffee plant will flower once it matures (this may take three to five years!) and will only yield a few blooms, which can be hand pollinated to produce coffee cherries. In basic indoor growing conditions your coffee plant will not produce enough cherries to brew a pot of coffee, but it is an excellent way for coffee and plant lovers alike to better understand the growing process of one of the world's most heavily traded commodities.

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