Rainforest Alliance, USDA Organic
Roast Body:
Bold Body
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Medium Roast

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    Organic Bali Blue Moon Coffee

    Among the Archipelago nation of Indonesia lies its hidden Jewel, the island of Bali. The eruption of the Gunung Agung Volcano in 1963 caused a delay in the progress of modern-day coffee cultivation on Bali. In response to this situation, the government enacted programs in the 1970's and 1980's to help rejuvenate coffee production. With the distribution of coffee seedlings to local farmers, an island wide coffee growing campaign began.

    Today, the coffee growing area in Bali is an estimated 7,500 hectares. The Kintamani highlands, where most coffee is grown, sits atop a large volcanic plateau between 1300-1700 meters altitude. Coffee tree varieties include a high percentage of Bourbon and Typica, along with shade trees such as Erythrina, Albizia, Tangerine and Orange.

    The use of pesticides is prohibited on Bali and all fertilizers are 100% organic. The Subak Abian is a traditional farming structure organization in Bali, similar to a farmer cooperative. There are 13 different Subak Abians that are currently growing and processing coffee. The SA oversee both agricultural technology and religious activities. The promotion of improved coffee growing practices is expected to enhance not only agricultural technology but social and economic standing in Bali as well.

    The Organic Bali Blue Moon is a Jewel among coffees and stands out with smooth body and overwhelming chocolate flavors.

    • Cupping Notes: dark chocolate, vanilla bean, anise
    • Certifications: USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified
    • Single Origin
    • Location: Kintamani Highlands, Bali, Indonesia
    • Altitude: 4,265 - 5,577 Feet
    • Varietal: Bourbon, Typica
    • Process: Wet - Hulled.
      • This process removes the outer skin of the red cherries by pulping machine.
        The mucilage - covered parchment is then put into fermentation tanks for 24-36 hours
    • Drying: After washing, the parchment is then dried on racks or mats to 40% moisture, then it is hulled and the drying process is finished.
    • Harvesting Period: May - July
    • Export Period: August - October

    Fine Ground: At a fine grind, coffee should be soft to the touch – slightly finer than granulated sugar.

    Espresso: Great espresso requires skill, patience and quality equipment. Without these things, and a proper grind, espresso can be thin and weak or over extracted and clog in the portafilter. The perfect grind is essential to reaching espresso nirvana; an intensely rich and creamy extraction with thick crema and well rounded flavor.
    Grind: Fine/Very Fine

    Aeropress: The Aeropress is a quick and efficient way to make flavorful, rich coffee with low acidity and bitterness. With specially designed micro-filter technology the Aeropress consistently provides some of the best coffee in just under 20 seconds.
    Grind: Fine/Medium

    Medium Ground: At a medium grind, coffee should be gritty like sand with no considerably large pieces.

    Auto Drip Pot: The Auto Drip style coffee maker is an efficient and hassle-free way to make a fresh pot. With the correct grind and water to coffee ratio, it IS possible to get a great cup of coffee using this method.
    Grind: Medium

    Chemex: The Chemex is an elegant brewing device that extracts only the purest, most flavorful coffee without any bitterness or sediment. Because of the incredible functionality and design, the Chemex, paired with Chemex Bonded Filters, create a pure coffee experience unlike any other.
    Grind: Medium/Coarse

    Coarse Ground: At a coarse grind, coffee is separated into large fragments similar to grained kosher salt.

    French Press: The French Press is a classic and easy way to prepare decadent and smooth coffee and can easily be converted to brew cold coffee. The coffee grounds and water are separated by a fine mesh plunger leaving only fresh brewed coffee after 5 short minutes.
    Grind: Coarse

    Toddy Cold Brew: The Toddy Cold Brew system is a simple and consistent way to extract a delicious and low-acid brew. Oils and fatty acids that would normally settle into hot coffee are eliminated leaving you with a perfectly balanced and smooth cup of iced coffee.
    Grind: Coarse

    Overall Customer Rating of 63 Reviews:

    Not As It Is Described


    I don't taste any of the notes described. We had such high hopes for this bean and it's not enjoyable. I run a Jura and made coffee, espresso and even tried iced coffee but none of which gave me the notes described. Disappointed.

    Bali high


    The prouct description is very accurate. I always go for the darkest roasts and boldest flavor, so this is a medium roast with a bold flavor. I drank it straight, black, from stovetop espresso maker. It feels like a very special treat. I always let it completely cool down and taste it again, really incredible. I will have to try a side by side with my dark Mexican chiappas.

    Corry, PA USA

    To the moon with Bali blue


    This is a wonderful coffee that really shines...I really enjoy the Dark Chocolate/Black Licorice notes...really works well with my Hario V60 setup...Thank You

    Deep rich flavor


    Very satisfying cup. Lots of flavor with no bitterness.

    Oh wow, this is a good blend of two Bali varietels. Definitely going to get this one again.


    Being that I get coffee directly from Bali and Java because of family that live in Indonesia I'm usually suspect when I see Bali beans for sale. However, the FRC varietal blend is top notch delicious. The medium roast, bold body is correct and delicious. I rank this one right there with the Columbian bean (when roasted right at medium before second crack, got one bag from FRC that's darkly roasted and you can taste it).

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